Mission Action Planning

We have recently written St Peter's Mission Action Plan (MAP) priorities for the next 5 years based on a year of information gathering including surveying the congregration, walking the entire parish and meeting for a quiet day.

Our three key MAP priorities are:

  • Families – St Peter’s wants to build our ministry to children and families with more children and families attending services and activities and generally being more involved in the wider life of St Peter’s.
  • Clock House – St Peter’s aims to establish a regular presence and ministry in the Clockhouse area of the parish involving social action, evangelism and worship.
  • Care and support – St Peter’s wants to extend our pastoral care to the sick and lonely in the parish so that St Peter’s is known as a key provider of care and support to the lonely and sick of the parish.

The Mission Action Plan team are currently looking at every aspect of St Peter's in light of the MAP priorities and are advising the PCC (St Peter's church council).

For more information contact the Rector: rector@saintpeterschurch.org.uk