A new baby brings joy to any family and many families want to mark that very special event with a celebration in church.

Here at St Peter's we welcome enquiries about Baptism (what you may know as a "Christening"). Normally you must either be resident in the parish or be registered on the church electoral roll to have your child baptised.

It is also possible to come to us for baptism even if you live outside of the parish. This is a great time of welcome into the church for both your child and your family and friends who attend. You will have a short time of preparation for the service when we will visit you at home. We would also love to keep in touch with you and involve you in the life of the church. 

There are two forms of service that you may want to consider depending on your circumstances and reasons for approaching St Peter's for a church service for your child.

What is a Thanksgiving?
If you want to give thanks to God for your child and to ask for God's blessing on them and your family life, then a Thanksgiving could be for you.

A thanksgiving is a joyful event that takes place on Sunday morning at St Peter's. There are prayers of thanksgiving for the baby, some words for the parents to say, promising to care for their children and to pray for them as they grow up and the Minister then takes the child into his or her arms and prays for them.

Jesus did something very similar in the Bible and thats why we do it today.

Please contact the office ( who will put you in touch with our baptism co-ordinator if you would like to arrange an initial visit to discuss a thanksgiving service.

What is a Baptism?

If you want to bring your child up in the Christian faith as a member of the family of the church, then, a Baptism could be for you.

Baptism is a joyful event that takes place during the morning service at St Peter's and is both a symbol of God's blessing but also a welcome into the church and an undertaking by the church to help you and your child in the years to come.

Since the very beginning of the Christian Faith, people have been baptised to show that they want to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and be part of his family, the church.

Children too young to declare their own faith are baptised and parents and godparents say vows on their behalf on the understanding that they are brought up as members of the family of the church and that when they are old enough they will declare their own faith at a service of confirmation.

The promises

At a baptism service the parents speak for the child and make promises about how they will bring their child up and their own faith. For parents who wish to have their child baptised you will initially speak receive a visit from our baptism coordinator and then a subsequent visit from the Minister who will undertake the baptism.

Adult Baptism

If you have not been baptised as a child but would like to be then we would love to explore this with you. Please contact the office on


Confirmation is a service in which those baptised as children make a public declaration of their faith when older (normally 11 or older). The service is conducted by a Bishop and will "confirm" candidates by laying on of hands and praying.

If you have been baptised and think that you now would like to be confirmed contact Rachel for more details on